The Perfect Temperature For Your Home.

Explore how new technology in heating and cooling systems can deliver comfort, savings, and peace of mind.



Know the basics of how they work.
The compressor is the heart of the A/C. It pumps refrigerant through two coils a condenser and an evaporator to remove heat and humidity from your house. New features in each of these parts can help you control costs without sacrificing comfort.


Keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better.
Sizing is key when it comes to A/C. A HERO registered contractor will look at your windows, floor space, ceiling height, insulation, local climate, cooling requirements, and other factors to calculate the correct size for your house.


Furnace technology has advanced.


Know the basics of how they work.
It uses energy (natural gas, propane, or heating oil) to make and circulate heat through a series of air ducts and vents. The burner, blower, and heat exchanger are where advanced options are available.


Don’t assume your existing one is the right size.
If it’s too big, the furnace will cycle on and off, wasting energy and money, and wearing out the furnace. A HERO registered contractor can make sure you get a system that’s correctly sized for your house

Air Flow

Your ducts are a hidden secret to savings.It’s easy to forget about ductwork since you don’t see it, but heating and A/C rely on it to effectively deliver warm and cool air. The less ducts leak air or allow heat transfer, the more efficient your whole system will be.


Good ductwork can lower equipment costs.
More efficient ducts can also reduce the size, and therefore the cost, of the cooling and heating system you need, which means you could save money on both equipment and future energy bills.


Sizing, sealing, and insulating are key.
A HERO registered contractor can check your existing ductwork and recommend the size, sealant and insulation that are best for your home.

Temperature Control

Here’s what makes new thermostats so smart.

You can access them from anywhere.
With remote access to your system from a smartphone or the Internet, you can control your heating and cooling system from anywhere, allowing you to adjust settings and save energy when you don’t need it.

They learn your schedule.
Over time, the thermostat learns your schedule and preferences and automatically adjusts for you. Some even have sensors that can tell when no one’s home and lower the temperature automatically.

It could save you 20%.By changing the way you consume energy, a smart thermostat could save you 20% on heating and cooling bills, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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