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One of the essential areas in a construction project is the floor. Most people tend to change their furniture while others will look for new paint for their house. Since floors are integral to a home’s beauty, one needs to change them regularly. Since not all flooring installation companies offer quality services, you should consider a few factors to choose the best flooring company to work on your flooring. We can assure you that Smart Home Remodeling TX provides a sound flooring installation for your house.

One of the most critical aspects you need to consider when choosing a flooring company is the company’s good reputation and the prices of its services. Most flooring companies have similar charges for their services but may differ in some aspects. You need to confirm that the flooring company charges prices that you will be able to afford. A flooring company should set a price that falls within the range of your budget. A good company should offer reasonable charges for its services. Individuals should also consider asking for estimates from local companies. 

Individuals should select an experienced company like ours when looking for a flooring company. A good company should have more than twenty years of operation. An individual hiring such a company will be sure they will deal with competent contractors. Experienced contractors will offer you better quality designs that assure you value for your money. A professional company can usually work with different home flooring designs with no problem. Due to their experience, they will be able to work on various home designs. With the work proofs, you can determine the work level you will expect from the flooring company.

Reputation is an essential factor to consider since it shows that a company can leave its customers satisfied. To get a company’s reputation, you can visit business ranking websites and see how customers review the company. Individuals can also ask for reviews from relatives about the best flooring company in their area. 

Finally, the above characteristics of a flooring company describe who we are and what we can provide and achieve for your floor.

We Perform Every Type of Flooring

Our Simple 6 Step Process for Flooring Installations

Finally, it is time to install new flooring. At Smart Home remodeling, we provide you with a vast variety of colors and styles to match your unique taste and style. With so many different options in our on the market—vinyl, ceramic, wood plank, oh my!—there’s something to appeal to any space.

We listen to your goals and objectives for your floor space; whether it’s with vinyl, ceramic or hardwood, we have checks and balances in place to guarantee you accurate and affordable quoting. When providing the exact figure, we will keep in mind the most cost-efficient material to be used. At Smart Home Remodeling, our team is well trained in prescribing the ideal material and design to fit your budget. Guaranteed, we’ll give you an affordable estimate and a suitable timeline for execution. 

Complimentary In-Home Consultation

We listen to your goals and objectives for your floor space; whether it’s with vinyl, ceramic or hardwood, we have checks and balances in place to guarantee you accurate and affordable quoting. When providing the exact figure, we will keep in mind the most cost-efficient material to be used. At Smart Home Remodeling, our team is well trained in prescribing the ideal material and design to fit your budget. Guaranteed, we'll give you an affordable estimate and a suitable timeline for execution. 

Design & Proposal

Together we create a new floor design and layout based on your inclinations, keeping your budget in mind. Our professional designers assist you with a selection of colors, materials, and styles. We present you with a proposal reflecting your material selections, clearly stating everything included.

Technical Planning & Procurement

Our technical planners evaluate the structural elements and unique characteristics of your floor design. A technical planner can come to your home and finalize all measurements and specific needs of your custom floor design. The technical planner does a final sign off with you clearly stating all your job details. We then procure all materials and additional requirements.


Before you are ready to create a beautiful new space, it is important to demolish and get rid of what’s outdated or worn out. This is the time when we rip out anything we don’t want to keep including old flooring, walls, cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, or more. 

Floor Installation

There are 4 main types of installation methods depending on the type of flooring. 

Laminate or Viny Flooring: Involves a click system that connects together the "floating floors".

Solid or Engineered Wood Flooring: Can be installed via a glue down or nail down methodology (sometimes both).  If the subfloor is concrete we use moisture barrier glue. If it's plywood, the new flooring would be nailed down to the plywood subfloor. 

Carpet Installation: Done through a simple glue-down process.

Tile Installation:  Initially floating cement is applied on the floors in order to level the surface.

Baseboard & Transitions

After we finish the flooring installation we then install baseboard panels. Following this step is the transition installation. Molding pieces are placed to cover the gaps between rooms or 2 different types of flooring. This is the final step of the installation which gives you the "brand new" finished look. 

Flooring Services Offered

Garage Flooring

A range of flooring options in Houston, Texas, can offer your garage a fresh appearance. Timber, tile, concrete, rugs, rug, and even more are all choices for you to pick from to create an attractive, comfortable, and different garage flooring.
One of the foremost things you must know is essential in your garage is to install a concrete floor. The number of benefits one can get when choosing to have a concrete floor is a lot. It is not perishable makes it one of the best things about having concrete in your garage. Because of that, you have garage flooring that stays in good shape for a long time. Neatness and durability are some of the other benefits of concrete flooring. Affordability is one of the most common benefits that many people look at before putting concrete on your garage. You can do one inexpensive activity: putting concrete in your garage. 

Balcony Flooring

Smart Home Remodeling takes the guesswork of your balcony flooring problem. We provide the fix without any hassle on your part and provide leaking balcony solutions, including balcony waterproofing, which could save you time and money with a solution for the most popular types of tiles. Our technicians at Smart Home Remodeling quickly and accurately diagnose your problem areas to initiate leaking balcony flooring repairs. We are the trusted balcony floor repair services where you can save time, money, and trouble.

Deck Flooring

It’ll need work if you have had a deck flooring for over a few years where exposure to any elements can cause damage or look old. Your deck will wear and tear and make you feel like you have an ugly deck. While well-built deck flooring will last for decades or more, it’s a great idea to conduct an annual inspection and assessment of the whole structure to ensure that everything is secure and in good condition for your family and guests. Problems to look include rotted or wobbly posts, weak post connections or missing flasher ledging. Most deck flooring repairs are very tiresome, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered and will help you with the planning and rehabilitation and eventually save your time, energy, and money. 

Patio Flooring

Do you have plans on renovating your patio flooring and aren’t sure how to dress the flooring? When planning a backyard patio design, the goal is to make it as practical, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing as possible. It is, essentially, to extend the indoor home to the backyard. That comes with comfortable seating and indoor elements such as outdoor kitchens, bars, fireplaces, and furniture. However, not many homeowners consider patio flooring an integral part of an indoor-outdoor landscape design. Patio flooring is vital in setting the mood in your backyard. From different materials to impressive colors, textures, and patterns, there is much more we can do with outdoor patio flooring.

Porch Flooring

A well-built porch flooring starts with a concrete and substantial foundation. As a design attached to your home, a porch flooring must have a foundation that meets and fulfills local building codes. Creating a comfortable, cozy, and relaxing outdoor porch flooring area allows you not only to spend many hours in the open air with family and friends but increase and improve the actual living space of the home. You will add much value to your property if you consider front or back porch flooring. Porch flooring is something that everyone sees – neighbors, passers-by, and visitors and you would want to make it unique, exceptional, and extraordinarily attractive so that the house exterior has a finished look. If you’re considering upgrading your porch flooring, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. And will be happy to assist you and provide an idea of different options that suit your budget and your plan.

Bedroom Flooring

The style of floor you pick for your main bedroom will go a long way toward setting the look and mood in your retreat. Choices include hardwood flooring, wall-to-wall carpeting, tile — even concrete. The most suitable choice for your bedroom will depend on the look you prefer, the size and layout of your bedroom, the climate and atmosphere where you live, and of course, your budget. When it comes to the floor of your bedroom, you have many options and lots of considerations. Bedroom flooring should be comfortable for bare feet, but it must also be attractive, durable, and complementary to the bedroom’s decorating style. Bedroom flooring isn’t subject to the same foot traffic as living spaces, so there’s a wide choice of types of bedroom flooring open to you with wear and tear less of an issue. Want a little luxury underfoot? The bedroom is the place to indulge. Let Smart Home Remodeling help you achieve your dream bedroom flooring.

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we have the tools and experts you need on your side when filing an insurance claim . We know how to deal with your insurance company to maximize your settlement and get the job done right.

Yes, and depending on the species of wood selected, certain coloration changes are common. Your wood may become more amber or yellow, lighter, or darker, depending on the species. Natural sunlight hitting your floor will impact coloring as well.

Yes, engineered hardwood floors function like natural wood floors and can be refinished as well. With a thicker veneer, you should be able to refinish your engineered floor one to three times.

Our experts can walk you through the many options, communicate the installation process, and after that, tell you exactly how your custom floors will come to life. We’ll factor in your vision, budget, and space constraints and come up with a solution we’re certain you’ll be excited about. To sum up, we have many flooring options, and you’ll never feel like you’re flying blind.

If you’re installing flooring in the basement, on a patio, or any other area that’s particularly susceptible to moisture, you’ll want to use engineered flooring. It’s specifically designed to be used in moisture-rich areas that would otherwise damage hardwood.

On the other hand if you’re installing flooring in a kitchen, dining room, or anywhere with high traffic and a higher chance of scuffing and scratches you’ll want to use unfinished hardwood. It can be sanded and refinished whenever needed to protect it against damage. Engineered flooring cannot be sanded down and refinished the same way that traditional hardwood flooring can.

Laminate may be less expensive than some hardwood installations, but it is also a lot easier to damage and tear laminate than it is to damage hardwood flooring. Replacing your flooring could get very expensive very quickly. When you call Ace, we’ll sit down with you and discuss all of your flooring options and what will be the most cost-effective installation for your needs.

In Houston, yes. However, Smart Home Remodeling will take care of getting the required permits during the process at no additional cost.

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