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We are a full-service pool remodeling company that has specialized in commercial and residential pool renovation, resurfacing, and remodeling for 20 years. With a myriad of great renovation options, we not only leave you with stunning results but at an affordable cost. Not only do you get a team of highly trained, fully-insured professionals, but you get the warranty that comes with the work. We provide a free estimate as well as have special financing available for our clients.

Whether you’re looking to repair surface damage or upgrade with a complete pool makeover, Smart Home Remodeling has you covered. No matter what pool renovation project you’re proposing, We have more options to offer than any other pool remodeling company in the area. Our expert knowledge is unmatched. In addition to our plastering expertise, we also offer tile and coping replacement, deck remodeling, pavers, concrete, and custom water features, as well as rock, masonry, and veneer work.

Many older pools were plumbed with copper, but that’s no problem for us! During your pool renovation, we can easily and efficiently update the old plumbing with PVC. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your old, inefficient pool equipment into something more modern. Our expert installers are factory-trained and ready to install the equipment you need to keep your pool running smoothly and as conveniently as possible. 

Pool Renovation Services Include

Complete Pool Restoration

Compared to building a new pool, renovation is a cost-effective way to modernize or upgrade your existing facility.
We’ve repaired every type of obsolete pool for a fraction or scrap of what it would cost to rebuild a new pool, demonstrating our expertise with concrete, aluminum, steel, acrylic panel pools, one-piece fiberglass pools, and spas.
Whatever your pool needs – a zero-entry extra, a deep end made shallow, new plumbing lines, old gutters made new, meeting national ADA disability standards, or children’s water features – we can make your pool safer, stronger, and more stunning than ever before. Over the years, we have assisted many customers in refreshing and updating their pools with our pool remodeling options. From pool re-plastering to pool coping and tile replacement, we’re more than happy to schedule a free estimate to help you with your plans. To learn more about our complete pool restoration models, please call us at +1-832-835-7165.

Concrete Coping & Repair

Traditionally, many older home pool styles had cantilever-type decks that were not particularly aesthetically pleasing to the naked eye. However, new technology pool coping has become more prominent in providing better-looking backyard options with little to no hassle at all. Pool coping is how the pool shell wall is capped either through poured-in-place concrete or pre-cast concrete materials such as tile and natural stone. When a person is hanging onto the edge of the pool and placing their arm on the edge, the coping is the part of the pool they are hanging onto. Also, coping is providing a safe, non-skid surface so that swimmers do not fall onto the concrete or into the water. Pool coping also creates a seamless look that is aesthetically pleasing if performed properly.

Fiberglass Refinishing

Fiberglass pool resurfacing is a cost-effective alternative to pool replacement. If your pool is going through deterioration, fiberglass renovation experts remove the old top coat and repair the pool by eliminating osmosis, cracks, and other issues, and apply a new layer of fiberglass to the pool which makes it smooth, non-permeable, and dramatically sturdier than before. In the end, the pool renovators apply a high-quality pliable top gel coat that makes the pool last for 7-13 years looking great. Don’t let a few deteriorations affect the aesthetics and functioning of your fiberglass swimming pool. Give your pool a professional makeover with Smart Home Remodeling fiberglass resurfacing services today! Simply call us now at +1-832-621-4749 to get help your pool needs from a service you can trust.

Deck Rebuilding

It’s easy to overlook your pool deck. You go out every day and enjoy your pool, relax with your friends or eat dinner outside in the summer. After repeatedly walking the same deck you start to overlook its shortcomings, the cracks disappear, and the muck on the side of your pool becomes a blur. If you have a serious problem with your deck or are looking to change the way that it looks entirely, you might consider resurfacing your pool deck. We have a variety of pool deck resurfacing options so that you can get the precise look and feel that you’re searching for. We’ve created more pool decks than you could imagine using a variety of materials and patterns. For this reason, we are the go-to company for luxury pool decks in the greater Houston area. Plus, because our team is incredibly experienced, we can move quickly to ensure that you can get back in the water long before you imagined.

Our Simple 6 Step Process for a Complete Pool Refurbishing


1. Design & Proposal

In this stage, we will start working on simulations for which your pool renovation job will resemble. This can include sketches, mock-up photos, and 3D renderings, and it should help you settle on the pool finish or feature you truly want. It’s important that we finalize a design in this stage, rather than trying to change it halfway through construction, as that can easily lead to you going over budget later on. By the end of this planning process, you should have a clear understanding of:

– Scheduled Operations & Timeline

– Total Costs of the Renovation

– Required Permits

– Warranties to be Included.

2. Emptying & Demolition

Before we can get any work started, we must completely drain your pool so the team has full access to the area. This could take up to a full day or more, depending on the size of your pool and how much water is in it.  This stage, will also include This will include demolishing and removing unwanted elements from your pool and installing the new elements that you desire. 

3. Removing Old Decking & Finish

If you want to upgrade your old decking, we will need to remove the existing decking or concrete beforehand. Depending on the current layout, this could be very simple or could be somewhat time-consuming.

4. Replastering, Refinishing, Rebuilding

Replastering, adding new pool finishes, and more all take place during this stage. Once all of the pieces of your pool that you wish to remodel have been removed, we will begin executing on the new plan. This could be a gunite liner, tiles, or anything else you have decided on. In addition to refinishing, this will be the part of the process in which we add underwater lighting or other features (if applicable). If you’ve opted to redesign your deck area, we will work on this while your pool finish is being installed. Whether you have decided on a simple concrete deck, a luxurious grotto, or anything in between, Pacific Green Homes will design and build your perfect

5. Adding Water & Additional Features

Once your pool has been rebuilt, we will begin to add water. This will take anywhere between 1-3 days depending on the size of your pool. After the water has been added, you will need to give it an initial chemical treatment that will create the perfect pH balance for your pool. If you have opted to install a new hot tub, high-powered jets, accent lighting, or anything else to realize your dream pool, we are happy to discuss your options and create a pool that will be the centerpiece of your backyard. We will work with you to install all of the safety features you want, as well as waterfalls, fountains, or anything else you want.

Pool Renovation Services Offered

Licensed Bonded, & Insured

Permits & HOA Approval

Financial Assistance

Previous Projects


Yes, we have the tools and experts you need on your side when filing an insurance claim . We know how to deal with your insurance company to maximize your settlement and get the job done right.

  • Resurfacing
  • Tile redesign, replacement or repair. 
  • Installing more efficient pumps, heaters and filters
  • Updating lighting including switching colors of lighting
  • New pool coping
  • New decking
  • Specialty features such as waterfalls, fountains, sprayers, automated pool cleaners, automated controls, and remotes

For most customers, pool problems arise that indicate it’s time to remodel. Renovations typically revolve around resurfacing, re-coping and updating tiles. Here are a few common issues we see:

  • Plaster is rough on feet or bathing suits
  • Plaster is discolored or cracked
  • Tiles are outdated, discolored, damaged or falling off
  • Coping is damaged.
  • Pool Finish Delamination. Warranties for pool finish delamination are between five and ten years; it covers bonding which is the adhesion of the pool finish to the gunite shell of the pool.


  • Pool Equipment. Equipment is covered from one to three years. parts.
  • Masonry. Workmanship such as installing tile and coping are typically warrantied for one to two years.

This depends on how much work is being done. A re-plaster job may only take a couple days, but refilling and rebalancing may need 10 days.  Call SmartHome Remodeling at +1 832-835-7165 for more information on time estimates.

In Houston, yes. However, Smart Home Remodeling will take care of getting the required permits during the process. 

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We provide the most durable, highest quality aluminum patio covers, vinyl patio covers and awnings covers in  the greater Houston Area.  We offer patio cover installation and patio cover repairs as well on all our home improvement products. Contact us to see how we could transform your back porch or balcony into a screen room. Patio covers with screen enclosures offer great protection against mosquitoes and other insects if you live in a forest area or if your home backs up to a conservation lot. To learn more about our patio cover models, please call us at +1-832-835-7165