Senior Home Renovation Program

Pay As Low as  $0 Out of Pocket if you Qualify. We’ll Handle the Process from A to Z.  From Making the Estimate, Getting You the Funding, to Renovating Your Home. Leave All the Work to Us!

Discover Why 300+ Houston Seniors Trust Smart Home Remodeling for their Renovations.

Did you know that if you are 62 years and older you qualify for the City of Houston’s Single Family Home Repair Program? At Smart Home Remodeling we specialize in meeting the needs of Houston’s seniors when it comes to remodeling their homes. We’ll handle all the “dirty work” so the process is easy, smooth and hassle-free. We have remodeled over two hundred senior homes a year since 2010. Maximizing your homes value while increasing your safety and comfort is our specialty.  If you need more info or would like to schedule a free in-home estimate, please call us at 832-835-7165 or fill out the form below. Please note that we do not ask for any confidential info online or over the phone for your peace of mind. 

How it works

STEP 1. Apply

All you need to get started is to fill out the form below, or simply give us a call at 832-835-7165. The form only asks for basic contact info for us to get in touch. We will not ask for any confidential info. All we need is a way to schedule a proper estimate for your property. 

STEP 2. Estimate

After an appointment has been set up we will go into your home to check what needs to be done. We will look at safety hazards, possible improvements, and even ways we can increase the value of your property. A proper cost and scope of time will be put together by one of our licensed estimators.

Step 3. Work Begins

After the proper estimate, we will fill out an application trying to try to get you the highest possible assistance amount for your project. In most cases, this will cover the total amount of your repairs and renovations. The approval process normally takes one business day and work begins the following day. 

Frequently Asked Question

In order to qualify, all you need to be is over 62 years old and be a homeowner in Houston. 

Upon application, the grant can take up to 2-3 months to be given. However, this does not affect the actual renovation process and we start right upon approval. The approval process normally take 7-14 days. 

There is no exact timeframe for the completion of a home renovations. From the moment you decide on materials, you should plan for the completion date to be several weeks in the future. This is especially true if you are installing custom cabinets, as they usually require about eight to ten weeks to build. The extent of the renovation, as well as the availability of the materials you choose and the current workload of your contractor, will all play a role in how long the project will require for completion. Once all the materials are ready, and demolition is done, the installation process can usually be completed in a few weeks.

While there is no doubt remodeling your kitchen will improve the value of your home, there is some debate on just how much value it will add. Improving your home in any way will likely add value, but because the kitchen is such a focal point of your home, it’s usually the place to get the most bang for your buck. Even though a kitchen renovation will improve your home value, you shouldn’t expect to make back every penny you spend.

Painting is often the more affordable option compared to the cost of refacing cabinets. However, painting may not produce the results you want. Though painting can cover up some imperfections, it can’t improve the quality of the cabinets or remove dents or damage. Refacing your cabinets will completely replace all the front-facing parts of the cabinetry, which can significantly improve them and give them a newer appearance.

While it is cheaper to reface cabinets instead of replacing them, the savings is usually not worth it. We know it’s tempting to cut costs in any way you can, but when you look at the facts of refacing, you’ll see that the best choice is usually to just replace them. That’s because the most expensive part of any cabinet is the door, generally accounting for about 70% of the total cost of the cabinet. If you’re already going to be purchasing the most expensive part, you may as well spend the additional amount to replace the entire cabinet. This will ensure better quality and precise matching of the doors and frame.

In Houston, yes. However, Smart Home Remodeling will take care of getting the required permits during the process.

Client's Reviews

It was pleasure to work with Mr. David Rozenstein on 2 occasions. I had contacted him several months earlier regarding a project which I did not pursue. When I ran into trouble with another contractor addressing water damage in my house, I felt I needed to reach out to David. I'm glad I did. David was immediately responsive and understand the priority of our situation. He understood our frustrations and worked with us to come up with a plan that was customized to our situation. These are stressful circumstances, but David took us through all the issues with professionalism and patience. Above all, he was always in communication with us. He never fell of the grid. We had updates at all times. When problems did arise which they must, David went above and beyond to make sure a satisfactory solution is reached in a speedy manner. When needed either technically or for our comfort, he made himself available at the job site often doing his administrative work over hear to make sure everything was being done correctly. David always made sure we were happy with the final product no matter how many trips it took. He did not nickle and dime us for the slightest change order. Most importantly, however, he established himself as a trusted advocate working on our behalf ensuring our satisfaction and peace. When time came for our second project, we called David again. David was as expected. Always communicating with us at any time, professional, patient. He looks for and implements solutions to any issue. For professional work from a reliable contractors, I can fully endorse David Rozenstein.
Amjad Khokhar
Amjad Khokhar
September 20, 2022.
We were very proud of Saad/professional and ready to help get our problems resolved. They were very helpful and our request and suggestions, I was very pleased with the workers and contractors. I would recommend “smart home remolding “to my family and friends that’s how much I’m am pleased.
Pat Scott
Pat Scott
September 16, 2022.
My Name is Anita Penister, I have remodel my house with this company I'm happy and satisfied with everything, they did my bathroom looks new and beautiful like a hotel and paint my living room walls , and my kitchen and dining room floors everything looks amazing and I'm so happy thank for Sali she is so nice and helpful.
Anita Penister
Anita Penister
September 15, 2022.
Remodeling two bathrooms good work done on both very pleased with the final looks
Angela Bolton
Angela Bolton
September 14, 2022.
I have had a great experience with Smart Home Remodeling. They were able to help me find financing for everything I needed. Everyone has been great to work with from day one. I was amazed by the speed of the work and the quality of the work. I highly recommend Smart Home to anyone thinking of having work.
August 29, 2022.
I was so happy to have met Chris with smart home home was a disaster the ac was broke the hot water tank and being a disabled senior I could barely pick up after myself. Not only did Chris and his team from smart homeremodeling fix the ac and hot water tank but they cleaned my house and got rid of all my junk.I would highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for quality work and trustworthy people.
JayDee Wilkins
JayDee Wilkins
August 25, 2022.
We are satisfied with the work that was done which was painting and replacing sheetrock. I would recommend them to someone. It was done in a timely manner.
Carolyn Poledore
Carolyn Poledore
August 17, 2022.
I called made an appointment, For an estimate. I've seen the work that he did for a friend. So I got a good deal since I've been calling different people for a quote on my house. Khaled was the best he understood what my husband and I wanted for my new floors
Alikinz Littlekinz
Alikinz Littlekinz
August 14, 2022.

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